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Hinshaw Music Sacred, 2014

HMC2396 A Crown Of Glory (Rutter, SATB, organ) 2.00
Though a portion of this text is taken from an Advent Prayer in the Mozarabic liturgy, the work is also for general use, during stewardship or service emphasis, even Pentecost. Scored for mixed voices with organ, John Rutter gives us a lovely new work!
HMC2371 A Good Work (M. Miller, SATB, piano) 1.90
Mark Miller is new to the Hinshaw catalogue. His work with youth choirs is known to many. Scored accessibly for mixed voices with piano, this new piece is perfect for confirmation, baptism, mission, or general use
HMC2367 Alleluia (J. Green, SA(T)B and opt. string bass or SAB a cappella) 1.90
The work of James Green is known to many of you because of his long association with Hinshaw Music. This unique piece for mixed voices (SATB or SAB) a cappella has texts for both secular or sacred venues. The use of optional string bass or cello would provide a very appealing rhythmic and color component. Lots of fun!
HMC2343 Alma Redemptoris Mater (Orban, SATB, div., piano ) 1.90
This lovely Marian motet by Hungarian composer Gyorgy Orban could be used liturgically during Advent or Christmas. Though likely more useful in a concert setting, the piece is scored for mixed chorus (divisi) with piano. The composer specifically requests that organ not be used. With some of the rhythmic and harmonic characteristics found in Orban's writing, the challenge of this piece will be worth your effort.
HMC2401 Cantate Canticum Novum (Forrest, SATB, piano) 2.00
The text for this new work combines Psalm 96:1 (both in English and in Latin) with the words of Charles Anthony Silvestri. Scored for mixed chorus and piano, the festival work would be successful with high school, college/university, community choruses, or even some church groups. The combination of Silvestri and Forrest is always amazing!
HMC2368 Celtic Gloria (arr. Rash, treble choir (SSA), Irish fiddle and/or other melodic instruments ad lib) 1.90
The traditional Irish tune "Denis Delaney" is arranged here for treble choir (SSA) with piano and fiddle. Set to the traditional liturgical text, composer Dan Rash really captures the spirit of the Irish. Try it with treble voices of any age.
HMC2370 Come Fill My Heart, Lord (Bushong, SAB, piano) 1.90
Conductors of small choirs are often looking for strong and effective SAB anthems. This lovely lyrical piece would work successfully with youth choirs or small adult choirs. It's perfect for a mission emphasis or penitential seasons.
HMC2376 Come In (Turner, SATB, div., a cappella) 2.00
This original spiritual by composer Jess Turner is scored for mixed chorus with divisi. The unaccompanied piece would work well for high school voices, community chorus, or church. Consider it when you take your choir to festival.
HMC2369 Ecce Sacerdos Magnus (Haydn/ed. Banner, SATB, keyboard and opt. instrumental ensemble) 2.00
Johann Michael Haydn was a prolific composer who wrote hundreds of compositionsincluding a Requiem.The text lends itself for use at ordination or a festival liturgy. Scored for mixed chorus with 2 horns and strings, the work is also easily accompanied bykeyboard.
HMC2393 Even Here (M. Miller, SATB, piano) 1.90
The incessant eighth note "rocking" motive in the accompaniment truly sets the moodfor this reflective piece.The confessional text could easily be used during Holy Week,on Passion Sunday, or for penitential emphasis. The piece could be successful for a good youth choir as well.
HMC2388 Fountain Of Life (R. Waters, SATB, div., a cappella) 1.90
The poetry of Christina Rossetti is quite popular with composers. Here, Richard Waters sets this lovely text for unaccompanied mixed chorus with divisi. The colorful harmonic structures make this a rewarding and meaningful challenge. This is an excellent choice for a good high school or college/university ensemble.
HMC2392 God Is Our Refuge (Althouse, SATB, keyboard) 1.70
Composer Jay Althouse truly understands the capabilities of the small church choir. Here he sets his own text for mixed chorus with keyboard in a lovely lyrical style. Great for mission emphasis, the piece would also work as an evening anthem or for Pentecost. The concluding "Amen" might even be used as a response.
HMC2377 Great Day (arr. Gibbs, SATB, div., a cappella) 1.90
This well-known traditional spiritual gets a fresh new rhythmic setting here by composer Stacey Gibbs.Scored for unaccompanied mixed chorus (divisi), the piece joins the many outstanding works found in the Andre Thomas Series.
HMC2394 The Hills Are Bare At Bethlehem (arr. Harmon, SATB, harp/or piano, bassoon, flute, clarinet) 1.70
Southern Harmony has been the source for many outstanding anthems. Here, composer Neil Harmon arranges the traditional tune for mixed chorus with harp or piano and optional flute, clarinet, and bassoon. The addition of the instrumental colors is a lovely combination but it's quite successful with keyboard alone.
HMC2403 Hosanna (Forrest, TTBB, a cappella) 2.20
Originally scored for mixed voices as a part of the set WORDS FROM PARADISE, thisrevoicing for unaccompanied male chorus is lively and has use both in the church and with some academic ensembles. Use it on Palm Sunday or as a concert opener. Lots of fun!
HMC2406 How Firm A Foundation (Forrest, TTBB, piano or opt. orch.) 2.00
The American folk hymn PROTECTION, was commonly known by those on both sides of the Civil War. Originally arranged for mixed voices (HMC2217), here, Dan Forrest sets the work for male chorus with piano or optional orchestra. The work would be quite useful for church or community chorus festivals
HMC2391 I Want Jesus To Walk With Me (arr. Greer, TTBB, piano) 1.90
Composer Bryan Greer arranges this popular spiritual for male chorus (TTBB) with piano. The enticing setting would work well for glee clubs, church or community choirs.Consider it for a spring concert, worship setting, or American Music Month.
HMC2372 I Will Arise And Go To Jesus (arr. Lantz, SATB, keyboard) 1.90
David Lantz is well known for his many fine anthems in a number of catalogues. Here, he sets the traditional American melody (ARISE) for mixed chorus with keyboard. Consider using the piece for World Communion Sunday, American Music Month, or for memorial.
HMC2366 Jesus, Lord, We Look To Thee (Forrest, SATB, piano or organ) 1.70
The lyrics of Charles Wesley are found in almost every denominational hymnal. Here, Dan Forrest sets this lovely poetry in his lush expressive and lyrical style. Methodists will find it particularly appealing for Heritage Sunday and others will find it useful for penitential observance or general use.Don't miss out on this one.
HMC2409 Jubilate Deo (Anglea, SATB, piano) 1.90
Peter Anglea is new to the Hinshaw catalogue. Here, he sets the liturgical text from Psalm 100 for mixed chorus and piano. The energetic rhythmic texture makes the piece quite appealing to high school voices and puts the audience on their feet. Works well in worship or concert settings.
HMC2381 Love Came Down At Christmas (arr. Oltman, SATB, div., a cappella) 1.40
This Chrisina Rossetti text is well known—especially through the settings of Gustav Holst and Harold Darke. Here Matthew Oltman sets the beautiful text for unaccompanied mixed chorus (divisi) on a traditional Irish tune. Great for concert or worship settings.
HMC2382 The Miracle Of Christmas Day (Roesti, SATB, organ) 1.70
The text for this lovely anthem is by the prolific lyricist Mary Kay Beall. Here, Lee Roesti sets the gentle text for mixed voices accompanied by piano or organ. Consider using the piece on Christmas Eve, during Christmastide or Epiphany.
HMC2398 Pater Noster (Consolacion, SATB, div., 2 treble solos, a cappella) 2.00
New to the Hinshaw catalogue, Philippine composer Alejandro Consolacion gives us this beautiful setting of "Our Father" set for unaccompanied mixed chorus (divisi) and two solo treble voices. The harmonic language is rich, lush, and colorful. Either for concert or in a worship setting, try it with your advanced church choir, high school, or university.
HMC2337 Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart (Bushong, SAB, sop. solo, piano) 1.90
Looking for a three-part mixed anthem for Mother's Day (Festival of the Christian Home), well this is it. Try it with your youth or adult choir – or combine them for this special day. It's a lovely text set to the lyrical work of composer Tim Bushong.
HMC2375 Sing A Jubilant Song (Hayes, SATB, piano &opt. flute) 2.00
Mark Hayes is known for his prolific compositional output. This new anthem for mixed chorus (with divisi) with piano and optional flute is true to the energetic style found in many of Mark's compositions. The rhythmic drive, active accompaniment, and text/music relationship are true to the text (Psalm 95) and captivating for the singer and listener. Try it for Pentecost!
HMC2373 The River Of Life (M. Moose, SATB, piano) 1.90
Mike Moose is new to the Hinshaw catalogue. Set for mixed voices with an engaging piano accompaniment, this piece would work well for baptism, renewal, or during Holy Week. Try it with youth or adults.
HMC2374 There's A Wideness In God's Mercy (arr. Lau, SATB, keyboard) 1.70
Robert Lau is well known in church music circles for his exquisite part writing, understanding of the human voice, and all the practical considerations necessary for successful music ministry. Here he sets the hymn tune BEACH SPRING for mixed voices and keyboard. Try it on World Communion Sunday.
HMC2380 Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (arr. Snedden, SATB, piano) 2.00
Bill Snedden is new to the Hinshaw catalogue. Here he sets the traditional English tune for mixed voices and piano. There are many arrangements of this tune on the market,but none as exciting and engaging. Try it with high school, college, church, or community ensembles.
HMC2404 Verbum Caro Factum Est (Forrest, SATB, piano) 1.90
This is a lovely setting of the John 1:14 text (The Word became flesh and dwelt among us) scored for mixed chorus (divisi) with piano.You may be familiar with the settings by Hassler or Lasso, but you will find the melodic and harmonic treatment by Dan Forrest fresh and appropriate. Try it for Advent/Christmas!
HMC2393 Even Here (M. Miller, SATB, piano) 1.90
The incessant eighth note "rocking" motive in the accompaniment truly sets the moodfor this reflective piece. The confessional text could easily be used during Holy Week, on Passion Sunday, or for penitential emphasis. The piece could be successful for a good youth choir as well.
HMC2399 Walk With Us, Holy God (Williams, SAB, Piano, & opt. brass) 1.90
This festive anthem is scored for SAB mixed voices with keyboard and optional brass. Making use of the hymn tunes Ewing and Aurelia, the work might be used on Pentecost, Thanksgiving, general use, or the Feast of The Good Shepherd.

Hinshaw Music Secular,  2014

HMC2383 Always Be My Home (Hill, Unison, piano and opt. string quartet) 1.70
New to the Hinshaw catalogue, Stuart Chapman Hill has scored his own words for unison voices with piano or optional string quartet. Try it as a graduation anthem or anytime you wish to remind your audience of that special time and that special place.
HMC2347 Cangia, Cangia Tue Voglie (arr. Shelton, 3 pt. mixed, piano & flute) 1.90
Tom Shelton (Westminster Choir College) has arranged this beautiful Italian aria by Giovanni Battista Fasolo for middle school mixed (SAB) voices with piano and flute. Also available TTB (HMC2295), try it on your spring concert.
HPC7102 Daa Naa Se (arr. Wise, SATB, div., a cappella) 1.90
This song of thanks from Ghana is arranged here by composer Raymond Wise. For mixed voices with piano, the work is enhanced by the use of African drums, rattles, shakers, gourds, and bells. See the performance notes for assistance.
HMC2408 Give Me Wings (Rutter, 2-pt treble, piano) 1.70
This secular work by composer John Rutter is scored for treble voices with piano. The inspirational text makes the piece a good graduation anthem or for an "end of the year” concert.Though Rutter indicates "Children's Choir," the piece would work for other ages as well.
HMC2402 Himenami Or The Divine Wave (Forrest, SATB, div. piano) 1.90
Written in memory of the 2011 Japanese tsunami victims on a text by Anthony Silvestri this piece is scored for mixed chorus with piano and may be sung in either English or Japanese. Combining elements of both Western and Japanese musical traditions, use the piece in any setting to promote international unity and good will.
HMC2400 I Believe (M. Engelhardt, SATB, piano and rhythm band) 2.20
New to the Hinshaw catalogue, composer Michael Engelhardt gives us this advanced"gospel" piece set for mixed chorus with a "rocking" piano accompaniment and rhythm section. It's a great piece for high school or college/university ensembles.
HMC2387 Invitation To Love (Nicoletti, SSA, piano) 1.90
Composer Kevin Nicoletti is new to the Hinshaw catalogue. This work on a text by PaulDunbar is scored for treble chorus (SSA) with piano. Try it on your spring concert! Lots of fun!
HMC2384 Longing (Armstrong, SATBB, a cappella) 1.90
This secular work on a text by Matthew Arnold is scored for unaccompanied mixed chorus (SATBB). With lush harmonies and an interesting contrapuntal texture, try it with your community choir or college/university ensemble.
HMC2389 Since You're Not Here (Robertson, SSA, piano,opt. string bass &drum set) 2.20
Now this piece is really fun! Scored for treble chorus (SSA) with piano and optional string bass and drum set, the musical style hearkens to an earlier time but still speaks to us today. Your female singers and your audience will love it.
HMC2385 Somagwaza (Biddlecombe, SATB, full div., solos, percussion) 2.20
Originally for male voices, this work for unaccompanied mixed voices is derived from an African initiation rite and is filled with an energy and rhythm that will be thrilling to your singers and audiences alike. Another great work in the Andre Thomas Choral Series.
HMC2386 The Road To The Isles (arr. Calvert, SATB, piano and opt. flute (or violin) 2.00
Canadian composer Stuart Calvert is a master with folk settings. This is no exception. Here we have a traditional Scottish melody arranged for mixed chorus with a beautiful piano accompaniment. Notice the pronunciation instructions.
HMC2390 Three Poems From The Parlour (Daley, treble chorus, SSAA, a cappella) 1.90
The texts to these poems were written by Jane and Cassandra Austen along with their mother. They were the result of a parlour game in which each line ended in a rhyme with the word “rose.” Here amazingly set by Canadian composer Eleanor Daley, the work is scored for unaccompanied treble (SSAA) chorus. It's quite amusing.
HMC2405 Who Can Sail Without The Wind? (Forrest, SATB, piano 4-hands) 2.25
This Swedish folksong might have been sung by Scandanavian immigrants longing for home, although the theme of the text is applicable to other "partings." Scored for mixed chorus with piano (4 hands), the lyrical work could be used as a graduation anthem or find a place on your spring concert.